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Monday, February 2, 2015

Getting to Know Us

Although the Sellergroup has been in existence for almost 2 years, this is our first venture into the world of blogging.

The group started out with a team on a selling venue and has evolved onto it's own website. There members post their website links, shop links from various selling venues, and items for sale on the Sellergroup website.
The Sellergroup also has a Forum for members and guests, six Facebook groups, and is on Twitter , and  Pinterest .

The site is a directory featuring our Member Merchants that will make it easier for buyers to find their remarkable goods, and in turn, support our members’ independent businesses.
As a shopper, you will be able to browse a wide variety of shops from one location. We are a 100% free site to our buyers and sellers.
 It is funded totally by donations.

We are dedicated to offering high quality Handmade, Vintage, and Supply items.
Please visit our members’ pages; each one was personally designed by the individual member to provide a showcase of their many talents and selling venues.
To discover all of our Members please click here!

In following posts you will get to know our member shops, their owners, and products.
Please come back and visit us again, and also visit the Sellergroup website.


  1. There is a very eclectic mix of merchants, almost all are one person operations. In the case of handmade items,you will be dealing with the person who actually created and made the item.

    Plus we have merchants of vintage and collectible goods as well as suppliers of raw material for crafts people.

  2. This blog is going to be a great place for information and sharing of ideas..
    I sell vintage online.. Sellergroup.com... and here is a few things i,ve learned..

    Antiques is a broad subject, so pick an area in which to specialize-furniture, art, farm implements or architectural antiques. The best places to dig up antique treasures include garage sales, auctions, estate sales and advertising placed by private sellers in the classifieds ( craigslist ). Secondary buying sources will include flea markets, secondhand shops and online marketplaces. Always take along your antiques-hunter toolbox, which should include antique value guides, camera, flashlight, magnifying glass, angled mirror and measuring tape. The best way to sell for top dollar is directly to collectors via clubs, associations and shows. Next to selling to collectors,use online antique buy-and-sell marketplaces, sell at flea markets, and sell directly from a home showroom supported by local advertising.
    Visit our wonderful shops at Sellergroup.com...